Friday, June 15, 2012

Parker's first stomach bug

I'll never forget the look on Parker's face when he ran down the driveway to me last night and proceeded to throw up all over himself and me.  I felt so bad for him.  I was holding Braden, so I called to Justin so that he could come grab the baby and I could comfort Parker.  Parker was so scared, and he just told me he wanted "Up."  I didn't hesitate to pick him up...puke and all.  The poor kid felt better in my arms throwing up than he did standing alone throwing up.  We cleaned him up in the garage, and I took a bath with him.  He made it about another 30 minutes before he threw up again...while we were sitting on the couch watching Sprout.  He kept telling me "Parker don't have to" and pushing the bucket away, but I knew what was coming.  After he threw up again, he seemed to be much better.  But, he wanted extra cuddles and I laid in bed with him for a few extra minutes and just loved him up.  He slept so peacefully last night, you wouldn't even know that he was so sick just a few hours before.  He seems fine today...his normal self.  But, today, I'm different.  Last night I realized that I am everything to this little boy.  I'm the first one he comes to with everything.  He shares his good things with me, and he shares his most vunerable times with me.  I'm the first one he calls to in the morning, and the last one he kisses good night.  I'm the one he looks up to, and the one who comforts him in his time of greatest fear.  It's an awesome responsibility...and it humbles me and makes me take a look at myself.  I know I'm a better person for this.  As horrible as being sick is...I'm so thankful that Parker got sick last night.  This kid continues to teach me things that I could've never learned without being his mommy.  Parker, you are amazing, and I love you more than words could ever, ever say.  I won't let you down, bubba.  :)

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